At HRD Health Care, we believe in providing quality home healthcare services in Bengaluru, home nursing services, physiotherapy at home, physiotherapy clinic, prenatal and postnatal care, home hospital service, and home visit doctors delivered with care, passion under the guidance of healthcare professionals, registered nurses, trained caretakers, and nanny’s with best practices to help elderly/senior citizen patients, take care of age-related illnesses, help reduce patients pain from sufferings, treating post-surgery patients at comfort of their home.

HRD Health Care provides affordable healthcare services by saving your quality time and money with the help of its unique Care Platform using EHRElectronic Health Records enables digital health information of the patient during the care period. With EHR, it helps to view cumulative digital health records including clinical assessments, individualized care plans, medication administration records, etc. Our proprietary software Technology provide us to deliver transparent and quality care at home.


Nurses at Home

Doctor at Home

Physiotherapy at Home

Dietician at Home

Lab Investigation at Home

Medical Equipment Rent

Caretaker at Home


We provide hospital like care service 12 Hours and 24 Hours at home which is affordable and easily accessible

Specialist-driven care

What makes us unique is that a Specialist continues to be in charge of the care delivered at home. He guides the primary physician on the patient's treatment plan to ensure comprehensive and quality care as well as continuity.

Continuity of care

HRD Health Care creates the same ecosystem and infrastructure as in a hospital in the comfort of one’s home. This is made possible by accessibility to a Specialist, skilled resources, Diagnostics, Pharmacy and the use of innovative technology.

Quality care givers

Only 1 in every 5 applicants for home health services meets our stringent standards. The selected candidates undergo intensive training, as well as a thorough evaluation. They are closely supervised by experienced professionals till they become proficient.


Just to say a big thank you for the excellent services provided by HRD Health Care. They are punctual, polite and looked after my mother in a very caring manner which was really helpful and very much appreciated. I would highly recommend HRD Health Care if anyone is looking for any assistance to take care of their elderly family & friends with a personal touch!
Mr.Venkatesh Gowda
I want to express my appreciation for a very finely run and professional facility. I availed of HRD Health Care’s service for my mother post hospitalization. From the onset, their action was a testimonial to their dedication when I had called up at midnight to inquire about the services and was promptly attended and facilitated with a care taker the very next morning!. They handles my account has been meticulous in providing alternate nurses and care
Mr.Rakesh Kumar
HRD Health Care is a service that provides personal care to patients. The nurses are prompt to their duty, they treat the patients with love which make the patients feel relived from their pain and ailments. The service provides nurses who are well trained and they take interest in the patient. They also take the interest to talk to the Doctor attending the patient and very carefully monitor what the doctor instructs.
Mr.Mohit Kumar