Good nutrition can support and enhance our mental and physical health. HRD Health Care Registered Dietitian and nutrition expert provides nutrition counseling to Veterans and their Families.

HRD Health Care provides nutrition counseling for established patients seeking support for various topics, including weight-management, sports nutrition, heart health, diabetes, IBS/IBD, brain health, and the management of food allergies/intolerances. Patients receive a thorough nutrition assessment, set realistic lifestyle goals, and create individualized nutrition plans with a Registered Dietitian. Patients are also provided with support around various nutrition and lifestyle goals such as meal planning, healthful eating on a budget, and eating well when dining out.

Nutrition Services are uniquely integrated within various HRD Heath Care Veteran and Family programming. patients participate in both individual and group nutrition counseling, as well as attend a hands-on cooking demonstration in order to gain experience cooking nutritious recipes while learning how foods can support their overall health.